Amir Raja

Arya Alborz Company is founded with the aim of CFD consulting activities in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials engineering, petroleum engineering and other specialties related to fluid mechanics. Mr. Amir Raja as CEO with more than 12 years experience and handling over 50 successful industrial projects using CFD methods for design, retrofit and reverse engineering has organized this company with a deep insight of CFD applications. Arya Alborz with a close cooperation to other companies has provided the capability of 3D scanning using TRITOP and ATOS systems. With hardware capabilities and unique professional engineering team, the highest abilities for reverse engineering and equipments design knowledge generation is created. Multiplicity of activities in wide range of industries has created a unique capability of using CFD methods in ASIA and providing the engineering consultancy with highest standards in the world.

Benefits of Arya Alborz Insight

The presence of experienced engineers from the beginning of design projects, site visiting and close dealing with the issues for retrofit, step by step moving through the projects with employer, cooperation, regular and complete reports during the projects and clarifying the whole project design procedure from the beginning, leads to a sense of confidence in employer and finally handling the projects successfully.

Professional insight through engineering problems for design and retrofit and considering the industries targets for producing high quality equipments and handling beneficial projects in limited period of time are of Arya Alborz concerns.

Due to time limitation in industrial projects and time-consuming CFD simulations, design and retrofit requires long experience in the industries and solving the problems could only be possible by a professional engineering team.

According to CFD analysis results dependency to the accuracy of 3D modeling, mesh generation and numerical models, only a professional engineering team can be aware of simplifications errors. In some industrial projects only an engineering team with long experience of CFD simulations in industry can use a simplification in simulation and have a deep insight of its effect in results for short time successful industrial retrofits. This capability is created in Arya Alborz engineering group after 12 years of experience. Handling over 50 projects has made this company an individualized organization among academic groups and research institutes.

Long experience of using CFD methods in different industries, clarifies the best project procedures from the beginning and prevention of wasting time in deadlock ends.