Consulting Services in Designing Projects

Oil, Gas, Petrochemical
Oil, gas and petrochemicals are vast industries in Middle East. Engineering applications of fluid mechanics in these industries are so extensive and are used for the design and optimization of equipment and facilities. Brief fields of activities are mentioned below.
Heat exchangers and cooling towers.
Reactors, boilers and furnaces.
Dry and wet filtering systems including cyclones, scrubbers and baghouses.
Rotating equipment including gas turbines, compressors, reactors, mixers and pumps.

Power Plant
Power plants are generally classified into three categories of hydroelectric, thermal and wind. CFD applications in these fields are so extensive in design, optimization and reverse engineering of the different equipment that are generally mentioned here.
Hydraulic turbines, gas turbines and steam turbines.
Surge tanks.
Plant boilers and package boilers.
Dry and wet cooling towers.
Heat exchangers.
Wind turbines.
Optimum wind farm design including wake effects.

Architecture, Building and Environmental Design
Today, several issues such as air pollution and energy efficiency, has extended the usage of CFD applications in buildings and environmental design. Wind tunnel tests in the past were a general procedure for aerodynamic wind analysis of the towers. But with the benefits of CFD simulation, using tunnel tests are excessively reduced. Some of the reasons are mentioned below.
High expenses associated with building models and wind tunnel tests and facilities.
Error caused by dimensional analysis and measurements in models.
Software and hardware improvements.
Possibilities of accurate simulations and low costs for optimization in short period of time.
General applications of CFD simulations in these fields are presented below.
Building ventilation optimization for comfort and saving energy.
Duct optimum design with the consideration of natural convection for forced fan saving energy.
Urban blocks layout optimization according to the prevailing wind direction angle and using wind break technique for energy saving in towers.
Wind analysis for towers with the aim of architecture optimization.
Urban air pollution simulation and environmental design optimization with consideration of prevailing wind direction.
Stadium architectural design with considering the magnitude and direction of the prevailing wind and required standards.

CFD simulations have a vast application in automotive industry. According to the projects in this Company, long cooperation with automotive industry and going through lots of challenges, consultations in different fields mentioned below are of interests.
Internal combustion engines simulation with the aim of optimizing different factors such as geometric parameters, injections and etcetera.
Thermo-fluid simulation of cylinder heat and engine block for design and optimization.
Capability of close cooperation with structural design team for optimum aerodynamic design of vehicles.
Performing various analyses of vehicles gas equipments.

Due to the significant volume of fluids in the human body, CFD has a wide range of applications for different subsystems simulation. Some of the Arya Alborz Activities in this field are mentioned below.
Blood vessels and particle deposition simulation.
Simulation for design and optimization of mechanical instruments such as pumps. Pumps can be used for blood pumping or insulin injections.
Comprehensive simulation of lungs using CFD techniques to study the air distribution in branches, deposition formation and the effect of inhalers spray quality on the particle diameter and distribution through the lung branches.
CFD simulation of heat generated in body tissues caused by electromagnetic waves and using FEM simulations for stress analysis.

Renewable energies

Renewable energies are generally defined as energies that come from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale. These energies can be classified into wind, wave, solar and geothermal categories. Due to dependence of these energies to fluid, CFD simulations have broad applications in renewable energy industry. Using CFD techniques, the precise simulations of winds and waves have become possible. Brief activities of Arya Alborz Company in this field are mentioned below.
Wind turbine studies with the aim of design knowledge production, reverse engineering and optimization using CFD and FEM simulations.
Wind farm design with highest efficiency during the year with the consideration of upstream wake effect.
Technically and economically evaluations of hydroelectric power plants design using wave energy.
Hydroelectric power plant design using wave energy.

Water and Sewage
Water and sewage are one of the most extensive industries in all countries. This industry, which includes water and wastewater treatments, has quite large branches associated with fluid mechanics and therefore CFD simulations. Brief activities of Arya Alborz engineering group in this industry are listed below.
Comprehensive CFD simulations on electro pumps and pumping stations for design, optimization and retrofit.
Design and optimization of water reservoirs.
Comprehensive CFD simulations on aerobic or anaerobic wastewater lagoons for design and optimization with the target of higher mixing efficiency and SAE.
Aeration wastewater lagoon design using the combination of different aeration and mixing techniques for highest performance using CFD simulations.
Comprehensive hydraulic simulation and design related to water and wastewater treatment.