Comprehensive CFD Simulations for Design, Optimization and Reverse Engineering


3D Scanning of Equipment Using Atos System
In many projects with the target of reverse engineering and design knowledge production of equipment, 3D scanning using Atos system can create a precise cloud point (5 micron) and eventually 3D solid model. Arya Alborz has utilized this system for solid model creation of various equipment with different scales and the accuracy of this system based on the results of 3D modeling and CFD simulations is completely proved.

CAD Modeling
The presence of professional experts in CAD modeling in Arya Alborz Company has created the best capability of 3D modeling with the consideration of suitable mesh generation. Over than 12 years of using CATIA, SOLIDWORK and GAMBIT software and deep understanding of the tools, best experience in this field of engineering has been produced.

Mesh Generation
As the fluid equations are solved for the elements individually, professional mesh generation has significant effect on the accuracy of the results. Identifying the nature of the problems and choosing the required elements type and mesh generation such as structured mesh with reasonable growing factor for precise boundary layer simulation to achieve rational results are of unique capabilities in Arya Alborz Company. Over than 12 years of using ICEM and GAMBIT has produced special ability for structured and hybrid mesh generations. A sample of structured mesh generated for a Francis turbine runner is presented.

CFD Simulation
This company has proved its capability in more than 50 successful projects in a wide range of industrial applications. Over than 12 years of using ANSYS-FLUENT software and deep insight through all tools and UDF capabilities, the possibility of entrance to all fields of industries has created. the possibility of entrance to all fields of industries. Utilizing high speed parallel computers, the simulation of complicated problems has become possible in Arya Alborz Company. Brief activities are mentioned below.
UDF development for dynamic mesh simulation.
Combustion and reactions simulation.
All types of rotating equipment simulation for design, optimization and reverse engineering.
Multiphase flow simulation.
Fluid flow and heat transfer simulation for design, optimization and reverse engineering in a wide range of applications.

Professional Post Processing

Post processing obtained during the simulation of unsteady problems and at the end of steady problems can produce a deep insight on the nature of the phenomena occurring that helps the designer for a better understanding of the problem. Using different outputs such as curves, contours, vectors and animations can clarify lots of wind tunnel tests obscurities. Considering the required convergence due to the nature of the problem and obtaining detailed outputs, are some of the reasons for Arya Alborz professional engineering team success.