About Company

Arya Alborz Company is founded with the aim of CFD consulting activities in the fields of mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, biomedical engineering, materials engineering, petroleum engineering and other specialties related to fluid mechanics.
Mr. Amir Raja as CEO with more than 12 years experience and handling over 50 successful industrial projects using CFD methods for design, retrofit and reverse engineering has organized this company with a deep insight of CFD applications.      More Information

Industries                     + More
Oil, Gas, Petrochemical
Power Plant
Architecture, Building and Environmental Design
Benefits Of Arya Alborz Insight
The presence of experienced engineers from the beginning of design projects, site visiting and close dealing with the issues for retrofit, step by step moving through the projects with employer, cooperation, regular and complete reports during the projects and clarifying the whole project design procedure from the beginning, leads to a sense of confidence in employer and finally handling the projects successfully ...        More Information