Internal Combustion Engines
Comprehensive CFD Simulation of Combustion in an Old Designed Engine
This project was performed in 2002 with the aim of optimization of an old engine. At the first step a 3D model of the combustion chamber was created and a professional mesh with the consideration of valve and piston movement was generated. Using User Defined Functions and Dynamic Mesh Module of Fluent Software, 720 degree of crank angle rotation was simulated. Number of Valves effect on mixing and combustion was also studied. Based on studies in this field, a deep insight into internal combustion engines simulation and optimization was formed in Arya Alborz Company.

Optimization of Two Inlet Manifolds Using CFD Simulations
These two projects were performed in 2006 on two old designed engines to identify the potentials of modification with the consideration of uniform air distribution and volumetric efficiency increment. Lake of computer simulation facilities in the past resulted in poor design. So in this project these two manifolds were simulated using CFD techniques and geometric optimizations with mentioned targets were implemented.