Noise Pollution
Comprehensive Simulation of Gas Turbine Intake for Optimization
This project was performed in 2010 with the aim of pressure drop and noise reduction of a 25 MW Hitachi gas turbine intake. Poor aerodynamic intake design leaded the flow separation, pressure drop and noise increment. Separation formation in intake duct can produce wakes and turbulence. Wakes can also produce a pressure pulsation on IGV and eventually cause the life reduction. In this project at the first step a precise 3D model was created from the intake duct of Hitachi gas turbine. After precise CFD simulations the optimization potentials were found out. With aerodynamic optimizations, considerable pressure drop and noise reduction was achieved. In this project the knowledge of intake and exhaust optimization was produced in Arya Alborz engineering group.

CFD Simulation of the Second Stage of a CNG Gas Regulator
This project was performed in 2014 with the aim of flow control and noise reduction in a gas regulator. Because of high gas velocity, the accuracy of machining process can have significant effect on discharge and noise pollution. After a precise 3D modeling and mesh generation, detailed simulation of flow and pressure fluctuations using LES turbulence model was performed. Based on studies in this project a deep insight into high Mach number compressible flows and different strategies for noise pollution reduction were provided in Arya Alborz Company.